Businessman with a high level of training, experience and self motivation to initiate and lead new business challenges, involving the recruitment, training, management and leadership of teams, to achieve the desired targets together, in different areas of business performance, in a simple and clear way, to reach the objective.

Business philosophy of Mr. Carlos Barres, is that always, you need to create its own Know How, in your style and proceed in business, in order to differentiate yourself from the competition, while observing the behavior of your competitors to learn their various performances.

During the past 15 years, Mr. Carlos Barres, was the real estate broker and financial advisor to thousands of customers, in the Canary and Balearic Islands in Spain, advising them on different investments, as well as buying countless upscale real estate assets in the residential, commercial, industrial and tourism segments.

This new business challenge, I present through this web, is only the introduction of big business, Tourism / Real Estate, which not only generate employment and socio-economic development of the area, as well as great benefits, Is a new trend of doing tourism, in an extraordinary territory on the Island of Fuerteventura.

Professional career of Barre's Property Trading.