The total investment of the project is:
€ 12,000,000.00, which includes the acquisition of 242 apartments, 40 shops, 2 large pools in a built area of 28.000m2.

We can guarantee, through our analysis of financial viability, and our DAFO analysis, that the investment is recoverable with 45%+ approx. of benefits including full repayment of the funds requested, between the fifth and sixth year of operations, with 50% occupancy.

We are in looking for a private investor, to support our entrepreneurship, 40% or 100% of the investl, with the guarantee of the estate property, currently valued in € 19,000,000.00 and our Action Plan.

Nos encontramos en la búsqueda de un Inversor privado, que avale nuestra iniciativa empresarial, en un 40% o el 100% de la inversión, con la garantía inmobiliaria de la Propiedad valorada actualmente en 19.000.000,00€ y nuestro Plan de Acción.