After an analysis and market research, conducted on the island of Fuerteventura and especially in the municipality of La Oliva, site where the complex is located, as well as white sandy beaches and a protected natural park, we noticed that in the area, are no services, and most of the complexes lack in specialized services to its users or guests, some have some facilities but not all , as we try to offer in the resort.

Our business concept will be different and innovative, so I determined, that we don´t going to be, an Aparto hotel or apartments or hotel, or a residential, We will be a Club, where the Guest or user, live a different experience, and enjoy all amenities available and services, either to practice their favorite sport or just want to relax for a few days, in modern facilities at a very competitive Price.

We will be a landmark on the island of Fuerteventura, I designed a system of geolocation services within the complex, which work from the Check in of the client, where will provide a tablet of 10 ", where the client can access to a menu with all the services, products stores, endowments, schedules, etc. that we provide in the complex, as well as its location, and the way to get to his apartment, this tablet also have a smart accounting software, which allows the user, control their expenses, allowing them to pay with the tablet, in all facilities, shops and services inside the complex, and prepare their own check out.


Dentro de los servicios que pretendemos ofrecer a todos nuestros clientes, podemos destacar que habilitaremos todos los locales, alicatandolos en todos sus requerimientos, de suelos, techos, enducido de paredes, electricidad, rotulo, etc, para ofertar los siguientes servicios, altamente demandados en la zona, tanto para turistas nacionales como extranjeros, dichos servicios serán:

Productos de Parafarmacia al servicio de los clientes.

Consultorio médico para asistencias de primeros auxilios e intervenciones de urgencia.

Mini mercado para abastecer las necesidades de nuestros clientes, con productos de calidad.

Cajeros automáticos de las principales entidades bancarias a dispisición de nuestros clientes.

Oficinas preparadas para atender las necesidades de nuestros inversores. Cambio de divisa.

Información de primera mano sobre los servicios del complejo y actividades a realizar en la zona.

Alquiler de coches, motos y bicicletas, con las mejores tarifas al servicio de nuestros clientes.

Ofreceremos todo tipo de actividades como Buceo, Padel, Ciclismo, Paint Ball...etc.

Souvenirs de Fuerteventura y típicos de las Islas canarias a la disposición de nuestros clientes.